Trinity Episcopal Church

Pocatello, Idaho

est. 1889

October 2019

Dear Parishioner,
     We are pleased to share with you this year’s Episcopal stewardship theme, “Shining Our Light,” taken from Matthew 5:16.
     This year we have crossed the river Jordan in our wandering in the wilderness and completed our Parish Profile, allowing us to move forward with looking for appropriate clergy leadership in earnest.
     Individually, each of us is called to make sure we are letting God’s light shine through our work, our friendships, our service and our giving. We are called to be light bearers. It is a powerful calling.
     As a faith community, Trinity must shine the light of Christ through our worship, welcoming, pastoral care, and ministry to the wider community. How we use our time, talents, and treasure determines how brightly we will be able to shine our light.
     At Trinity, members keep their light shining brightly. Some make sure the snacks at the coffee hour are delicious and abundant. Others participate in worship either by singing in the choir or leading services. Still others prepare the worship space. The list goes on. The church shines its light out into the community with Our Gathering Place, the Prison Ministry, and My Brother's Table.
     While we have enjoyed a balanced budget at Trinity this year, as we move forward we will need to find an additional $15,000 to 20,000 to call a priest and maintain our current outreach and beloved programs, like Our Gathering Place and Music, at their current levels.
     During this pledge drive, each of us is asked to make a generous financial pledge for the coming year and indeed increase our current pledge base of 70K to 85K/90K. This translates to a twenty-percent increase overall.
     As your Vestry we hope you will join us as we work together to shine our light in church, in our community, and in our individual lives.  Prayerfully consider our request, and return the included pledge form by December 1, the first Sunday in Advent, so we can draw up a realistic budget for 2020.
 Susanne Forrest & Tony Arambarri
Stewardship chairs