Trinity Episcopal Church

Pocatello, Idaho

est. 1889

October 2018

Dear Parishioner,
     We are energized by this year’s stewardship theme, “Transforming Generosity.” We like it because it has two meanings.
     The first way to look at it is that generosity can transform us, our community and our church. When we become financially generous, we can empower the ministry of Trinity Episcopal and transform the wider community.
     The second meaning is that we can transform what generosity looks like. We can define generosity as the way we live our lives and the way our church works in the community. We are called to be generous financially. But, we are also called to be generous in the way we welcome newcomers, care for the planet, forgive those who have offended us, and care for our facilities.
     This year's pledge drive is about more than our parish budget. It is about how we transform generosity and allow generosity to transform us as we wander in the wilderness searching for the Promised Land in the form of renewal with appropriate clergy leadership.
     We know our lives can be transformed through faith, love, hope, and generosity. We hope each one of us will prayerfully review the reflections written for the Sundays during our pledge campaign.  We will post them on our website homepage and add them to our Sunday bulletins. They represent a variety of voices on generosity from across the Church. May they speak to you and inspire you!
     We hope you’ll join us as we work together to transform generosity in our church, our community, and our lives.

 Susanne Forrest & Tony Arambarri
Stewardship chairs