Members of the Pastoral Care Team attend to the needs of the parish community.  Pastoral Care Team members visit members of our parish who are sick, or homebound, in special need of support, or who at times may feel disconnected with the community.  Whatever the need, pastoral care always includes  prayerful concern for the well being of others.

ECW (Episocopal Church Women)

The purpose pf ECW is to empower and unite women in worship, study, service, gifts, and fellowship to strengthen and deepen their own spiritual lives and to do Christ’s ministry in the world.  ECW is the glue of parish life, hosting receptions and gatherings for the parish.

First Friday Art Walk
We wanted to share the beauty of our Church and it's wonderful windows with neighbors and visitors to Pocatello.    The glass for the windows was made in Ireland and the windows, as well as the church (which is 119 years old), are on the Historic Register.  The windows were completely repaired and restored in 2002.  The team decided to become part of the Old Town Pocatello First Friday Art Walk.  The First Friday Art Walk is held the first Friday of every month in Old Town Pocatello, from 5-8 p.m.  We always have a handout available for a self-guided tour of our stained glass windows we well as many different offerings of either art work or musical performances.  Refreshments are served.  If you would like to be a part of the FFAW Action Team,  show your art work, or put on a musical performance, please contact the church secretary.  

LGBTQ Action Team
This team, which embraces and promotes the inclusiveness that is a part of our history, has been working with with the staff from the Janet C. Anderson Gender Center on the campus of Idaho State University and All Under One Roof, a youth center for young people exploring their sexual identities.   The LGBTQ Team has hosted the World AIDS Awareness Day candlelight vigil, an LGBTQ film series that tackled various gender and sexuality issues and the role of religion and LGBTQ lecture series. 

Parish Life
If you like organizing and hosting events, consider becoming a member of the Parish Life Committee.  They organize get-togethers, participate in fun activities including dinner at local restaurants, hiking, game evenings, attending concerts in the church or parish hall, etc.  Please look at our calendar for scheduled events.

Music is an integral part of our worship at Trinity.  We recognize that music makes present in tangible and intangible ways the reality of God's presence in our lives.  Our parish places great emphasis on the thoughtful inclusion of music within our liturgies.  Members of the Trinity Choir meet on Thursday evenings at 7 pm for practice and sing and lead congregational singing at the 10 am Sunday service.
             If you like to sing, consider joining the choir!

Prayer Chain

Prayer is conversation with God.   It is like quietly opening a door and entering into the very presence of God.  Parishioners who participate in the Prayer Chain pray each day for people who are in need, are ill, or who are struggling and need prayers. 

We welcome new members! You can contact us for more information or pattern directions. We also welcome requests for prayer shawls or lap blankets. And for more information about the use and origin of prayer shawls visit the Shawl Ministry Website.

2022 Vestry Members

Diane Bilyeu

Joe Crupper

Thomas EckertSr. Warden
Christopher Elston
Jr. Warden
Susanne Forrest

McKenna Grace
Beth Johnston

Miffy Lane

Rev. Haydie LeCorbeillerPriest-in-Charge


Members of the Vestry serve an important ministry as the governing board of the church.  They lead and provide oversight to our church community as a board of directors.  They develop and administer the annual budget and make all financial decisions for the parish.  They also serve as the governing board for Our Gathering Place and My Brother's Table

There are many ways to be involved in the life of the parish at Trinity Episcopal Church.  If you feel a calling to a particular ministry, please contact the church secretary or a member of the Vestry.  In fact, we even have a Parish Life Committee!  

Trinity Episcopal Church

Pocatello, Idaho

est. 1889

Shawl Ministry

The Trinity Prayer Shawl Ministry was started in March of 2007.  Prayer shawls and lap blankets are prayerfully knitted or crocheted to comfort those in need or to celebrate joyful events.  Meetings are held approximately once a month at a knitter's home or at the parish hall; most of the knitting is done by members at their homes and on their own schedules.  If you like to knit, or would like to learn how to knit, consider this ministry

Parish Life

Coffee Hour

Members of this team make sure that healthy snacks, hot coffee and other beverages are available for congregants after the worship service in the parish hall.

Coffee Hour Host Schedule