Trinity Episcopal Church

Pocatello, Idaho

est. 1889

Some bring a quiet strength, like linen – tough, sturdy and long lasting. These are voices of tradition. These are also the steady workers, those who do the cooking, cleaning and serving in our church.

Some are like gossamer – shining, brilliant and colorful. These are the excited strands of new ideas and short term programs. These are the talents of music or art, and these are unexpected gifts.

God’s Unfinished Tapestry

Adopted by the Vestry in 1993 as the mission of Trinity Episcopal Church, the metaphor of God’s Unfinished Tapestry continues to be a powerful vision statement for our parish. Below is the original mission statement as written by Dr. Kathleen Kangas.

God’s: The design is God’s. Nothing is created without God’s help and guidance. We give ourselves to God, willing to let our individual selves be secondary to God’s greater plan.

Tapestry:The strength of our unity comes from our diversity. The beauty of our parish is in its weaving of many strands. Each member is a thread – part of the whole – while still diverse and individual.

Yet all are needed. Strength without color will endure, but with a drab and dull existence. Color without strength is not firm. It may attract our attention and stir our emotions, but the pattern will disappear in the first wind or wash.

Unfinished: We are unfinished, a work in progress. We seek constantly to know how our individual gifts may become part of the whole. We seek always to bring in, to include, to entwine the many gifts of those around us. God shows us these many threads, but we must make room for them – right next to us.

 Part: We are part of God’s greater plan. Our Parish is only a part of God’s greater design for the community of Pocatello, for Idaho, for America, and for the world.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.