Trinity Episcopal Church

Pocatello, Idaho

est. 1889

This program started approximately 35 years ago and is the only hot meal offered to all on Sunday.
     Though Trinity Church members organize and oversee the ministry, and Trinity Church donates the space, kitchen facilities and energy, it is truly a community outreach program.  Volunteer teams of four or more prepare, serve and clean up each Sunday.  Groups are from other area churches, organizations and businesses.  Food and monetary donations come from both within and outside our parish.

Our Gathering Place

     At the close of each school day Trinity welcomes high school students to the parish hall.  Our Gathering Place reaches out to an average of 75 high school youth each school day as part of an after-school program.  Students get snacks

Community Support Groups

     Trinity makes its space available to AA Groups on Mondays and Friday at 8:00 p.m.

     Also, throughout the year, other groups such as Eat Smart Idaho hold various classes in the Parish Hall

Pocatello Women's Correctional Center.

     The prison ministry serves incarcerated women providing them with Sunday services, Bible study and spiritual counseling.

Community Outreach

My Brothers' Table

     My Brothers' Table serve a hot meal to all who come to Trinity Episcopal Church's Parish Hall on Sundays between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m.  Between 40 and 70 people are served every Sunday, plus second helpings for all who desire them.  Take-home food bags are also distributed.   

and can stay and play pool or other games, study and listen to music in a safe environment.  Parents appreciate the program knowing their child has somewhere to stay until they pick them up or the adults can get home.

Our Mission

           As an open community of faith empowered by the Holy Spirit, Trinity Episcopal Church celebrates the life, love and inclusiveness of Jesus Christ and reaches our to the diverse community of Southeastern Idaho.